Research and Development

Since the beginning of its existence, Transition Technologies has conducted intensive research and development activities, including services consisting in research and development works in the computer and information technology. As a result of these activities, on 10 August 2010, by the decision of the Minister of Economy, the company acquired the status of an R&D Centre.

Research and development

Conducting research and development projects allows the creation of many innovative products, which enable us to be ahead of our competitors. We have become a valued and reliable business partner for all our customers.

Research and development activity of Transition Technologies is conducted in a separate R&D unit and includes:

  • research and development on systems optimising industrial processes, in particular the use of artificial intelligence elements in digital automation systems to ensure optimisation of processes, as well as modelling and forecasting of physical phenomena for the purpose of optimisation;
  • research and development on industrial data integration systems and methods of inference about the technical condition of equipment;
  • research and development on IT systems and solutions related to the electricity market;
  • research and development on IT systems in the field of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), especially utilising the capabilities of systems of diagnostic decision support, semantic networks and artificial intelligence elements in PLM systems and automatic creation and management of product life cycle;
  • research and development activities concerning information systems carried out on behalf of external customers, which include design, modelling, development of systems for equipment related to transmission and distribution of energy, including new industrial solutions for energy networks and security systems.

Research and development of our company is often carried out in cooperation with Polish and foreign technical universities, resulting in patents and numerous publications of the company's employees, including expertise in information technology.

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