Projects co-financed from the EU and national funds

Projekty UE


Database development and tools for semantic information search and knowledge management in the area related to disappearances of people and searching.

Projekty dofinansowane z UE oraz funduszy krajowych


Development of echolocation in visually impaired people through a game with binaural sounds - project co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development under the Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020

The aim of the EchoVis project is to create an innovative tool for helping persons with a severe visual impairment to develop their echolocation skills. Increasing the ability to use echolocation will allow the blind and visually impaired individuals to enhance their mobility and achieve greater independence in everyday activities. The IT solution, created within the confines of the EchoVis project, may largely increase the ability of visually impaired persons to perceive the world. The project will result in creating a mobile game which will include a virtual environment, in which the user will practice and develop his or her echolocation skills, which then can be successfully used in everyday life.

Projects funded from the EU


Integrated System for Underground Gas Storage Optimization - Operational Programme Innovative Economy 1.4


Development of the Medical Intelligence tools supporting work of the medical establishment - Operational Programme Innovative Economy 1.4


EUREKA - Support system for business and technological cooperation - Operational Programme Human Capital 8.2.1


SeeingAssistant - application supporting blind people - Operational Programme Innovative Economy 1.4


Bioinformatic Expert System for Oncology - Operational Programme Innovative Economy 1.4


Implementation of the immune optimizer of industrial processes SILO II - Operational Programme Innovative Economy 4.3


Service Link - Improving maintenance service and management of IT processes in ITIL v3 standard - Operational Programme Innovative Economy 4.3


Implementation of PLM technology - Operational Programme Innovative Economy 4.2

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