Deglomeration goes on.

Transition Technologies Group, IT technology supplier – leader in energy sector, active in business and health sectors, announces employment growth to 2000 people in 2019. Company has 1500 employees and 13 offices in different cities in Poland – also in mid-size urban centers. The Group does not exclude opening new ones.



Transition Technologies prepared application for basketball fans and Polish Basketball League – man major league – Energa Basket Liga (EBL). It is another one application among sport ones prepared by TT. Program helps in: following the fortunes, building community and sale.


Transition Technologies spreads wings in healthcare sector. Transition Technology delivers Medical Intelligence class solution, resulting from experiences collected on international market and Big Data projects with hospitals. MedStream Designer gives opportunity to develop effectiveness of treatment analysis as well as cost efficiency. Implemented in few healthcare facilities solution arouses interest of administration and healthcare community.


Transition Technologies Managed Services (TTMS), part of Transition Technologies Group, sells advanced programming services on The United Kingdom digital services procurement platform: Digital Marketplace. After two years stage on catalogue level TTMS is an active offeror now. Unique offer including cloud technology, is strongly supported with e-learning process for users, improving implementations efficiency and outstanding competition.


We have received special distinction for company TT PSC lately: it is nomination to Auggie Awards EU in category “Industry University Collaboration” for our platform Mixed Reality “ABC: As-Built Capture”. Product improves step by step communication and shortens time of realization of architectural and construction investment projects. “ABC: As-Built Capture” may be used in industrial and production sectors, also games and interior design.

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