Transition Technologies Capital Group (TT CG) – the leader in energy, gas, medical and industry IT - carries out its revenue forecast succesfully. Group generated revenue of 160 mln PLN in a first half of 2019 – an increase over 15% year on year.


The unique economic exhibition event, initiative of Polish president for 100 years anniversary of independence of Poland, will present national achievements in technology and technique.


This year government conference Forum Wizja Rozwoju resulted with the economic prize for Transition Technologies.


Transition Technoloiges PSC –  a company of Transition Technologies Capital Group (TT CG) – new technologies leader in PLM, IoT and VR areas, launched a venture in Taiwan. Revenue forecast expects/presents 200-300 percent increases yoy.


Personalized medicine in practice - preventive treatment of epilepsy. Thanks to advanced mathematical tools and use of machine learning methods, programmers from Transition Technologies build an epilepsy prediction model. Previous cannon of treatment dictated to medicate patient at a time of seizure. After two years of work, a device providing qualification for treatment was build and it was shown that preventive treatment brings benefits. 

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