Financial results in 2Q of 2018 shows 15% increase y/y. As regards forecast does not change – TT will achieve revenue over 300 million PLN in 2018. That way TT leaves behind the local market, rising only 2% y/y.

First half-year preliminary result show record sales, what applies to every company in our Group. Backlog increased to 250 million PLN and allows us to continue our global expansion as well as to concentrate on R&D actions.

In the first half of 2018 number of our local offices has increased to 13, and number of employees to 1500. We strengthened our position on global markets. After opening engineer office in USA, development in Malaysia, selling office in Germany, USA, and Great Britain we have also invested in French company FlexThings SAS specialized in IoT, AR.

TT Group combines competences of specialized, international IT outsource with its own worldwide unique product offer including gas and energy sell support systems, optimization, data integration, Medical Intelligence and data science.