Transition Technologies got second place in two categories: "The largest suppliers of IT solutions and services for the energy sector" and "The largest providers of IT solutions and services for the utilities sector (excluding energy)" in this year's TOP 200 report from Computerworld. TT rates a noticeable increase in revenues from these two sectors: + 53% and + 57% (2017/2016 dynamics).

We believe there is no technology without science, that’s why in 2017 we were rated the third IT company that spent the most on R&D. We also remain at the top of the largest providers of mobile applications - in this category we have taken a strong, fourth position.

As the suppliers of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Discovery systems, according to specialists, we were ranked 7th, and as exporters of IT solutions - we were ranked 19th.

The TOP 200 report presents the entire IT sector of the Polish market year to year. Its aim is to comprehensively present the condition of the Polish ICT industry, as well as the situation of companies from this sector.