Transition Technologies has been appreciated by the Competition Jury of ‘Dobroczyńca roku 2015’, consisting of Henryka Bochniarz the President of ‘Lewiatan’ Confederation, Jerzy Koźmiński the President of The Polish-American Freedom Foundation, Agata Gorgoń from ‘TVN Biznes I Świat’. 

The company is a successful candidate in category of ‘Social commitment in new technologies’ for innovative applications of Seeing Assistant, which make it easier for the visually impaired and the Blind people to perform everyday activities. Mr. Slawomir Strugarek, application availability expert in Transition Technologies, emphasizes - ‘the idea of creating this application came from the recognition of variety of difficulties that the visually impaired and the Blind people have to overcome, such as reading the bus stop name or distinguishing between characteristic buildings and streets. Many functions are now available to the visually impaired and the Blind people due to the GPS system development and enriching the Apple’s iOS system with a screen reading application of Voice Over. However, there were no complete applications which would simply support those people. The idea of Seeing Assistant project had been initiated by the visually impaired people, who took the active role in production and testing. Seeing Assistant Move and Home applications have been launched based on the research funded by the EU resources, which are further funded by Transition Technologies within the scope of corporate social responsibility.