Transition Technologies has a chance to bypass the recession and continue the upward trend in 2020. A large part of the IT sector in Poland,  if it is properly organized and prepared, will cope with the crisis. Preliminary assessments of the impact of the epidemic on the economy build a picture of the coming recession. At least by the end of the second quarter of 2020, all companies will experience strong pressure and possible decline in results.


In the offices in Poland, due to the end of winter holidays and returns from international expeditions, there was a mobilization of employees and administration. Returning vacationers have recommended remote work whenever possible. Business trips to countries where COVID 19 has already been found have been significantly reduced. At the entrances to the offices and on each employee's desk there are dispensers with liquid for disinfecting hands, while on the floor at the entrances disinfecting mats have been placed.


Transition Technologies Managed Services, developing advanced managed services for its clients in France in the field of software development has obtained official R&D accreditation in this country. Accreditation confirms the quality of digital services  and increases the attractiveness of Transition in a dynamically growing market. French legislation authorizes companies that use such accredited services to preferential tax rates.


Transition Technologies Capital Group noticed over 370 mln PLN in revenue in the year 2019.  Leader IT in energy, gas, medical-health care and industry sectors dynamically increases its sales abroad. Markets of EU, USA, Asia and diversified portfolio contributed to a forecast fulfilment. The group presents an ambitious plan for 2020. At the same time, it is ready for possible perturbations of the global economy.


The EDS system developed by engineers of the Polish Transition Technologies Group, watches over the cybersecurity of the American nuclear reactor AP1000. The reactor designed by Westinghouse is one of the technologies considered in the context of the development of Polish nuclear power. The EDS (Enterprise Data Server) System created by Transition Technologies is a standard element of the AP1000 block IT platform. Its task is to download current process data from the nuclear power plant control system, replicate it, and then present it to users for further analysis - all in a safe manner for the control system.

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