Since the beginning of Transition Technologies the way of doing business and engaging in social life has been very important for us. We were aware that building a strong and stable company is only possible thanks to commitment and passion of our employees, trust of our partners and high quality of services that we provide.

Social commitment, creating unique solutions to improve the comfort of human life, and education in its broadest sense are part of our everyday business practice and an integral part of our plans for the future. We are also happy to share our experience and good practices by popularizing the idea of social responsibility.


Program your future with the TT - Today!

Observing the trends in the labor market and forecasting the direction of its further development we have taken active measures to teach secondary school students the basics of programming.

Since November 2015 we have been pushing on a nationwide educational program "Program your future", which aims to develop practical skills of basic programming. We believe that the skills acquired by the pupils will help them to enter the competitive job market.


Greater opportunities for the visually impaired!

At the heart of our efforts is always a man. Based on the needs of blind and visually impaired, our team has developed a range of mobile applications that formed the Seeing Assistant family - a group of virtual assistants which by helping to perform daily activities improve the quality of life of visually impaired.


Education of the youngest

Our company also strongly engages in educating the basics of computer science among children. Thanks to the CoderDojo initiative in Bialystok, children under the guidance of mentors, learn how to use the computer, and even the basics of programming and web development.

Our programmers at the invitation of management of schools and kindergartens also prepare innovative shows and presentations in the field of programming which also help children understand the programmers job.

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